Located in Manhattan’s historic Chelsea/Flatiron district, NYCDA has acting studio classrooms, movement studios, dance studios, camera studios, and multi-purpose studios on three floors.

NYCDA also just happens to be in the same building as one of the leading independent casting facilities on the east coast, which presents a unique opportunity to meet casting directors and gain some behind-the-scenes perspective.

Student Housing

NYCDA student housing is located on East 3rd Street in Manhattan’s storied and vibrant East Village, just 15 minutes from campus by subway. The East Village is filled with great restaurants, coffee shops, independent theaters, art galleries, and venues for music of all kinds. Learn more here.

Instructional Facilities

The brightly-colored floors provide a dynamic learning environment in which to begin building an acting career.  In any part of the school they can access the Wi-Fi network that connects students, staff and administrators to the online, NYCDA portal.

  • On-Camera Studio Classrooms

    Courses held in On-Camera studios include instruction in performing in commercials and daytime drama, as well as courses that familiarize students with the process of being on a live set and how to act in front of a camera. The ability to record on several different formats enables each student to save and review their work at a later date. Each studio includes:

    • Two HD Digital Cameras
    • iMac Computer with Quicktime Recording Software
    • Multiple Camera Digital Switcher
    • HD Flat-Screen TV
    • Television and Theater Lighting
    • Basic Scenic Elements (Door unit etc.)
    • Basic Set Elements (Furniture, Props)
  • Theater & Screening Studios

    Each of NYCDA’s two spacious performance studios, located on the second floor, provides an excellent backdrop for courses in various acting techniques, scene study, rehearsal and performance. Each studio provides teaching faculty and student actors with an:

    • 24-Channel Lighting Board
    • A/V Rack and Amplifier
    • Wall-Mounted Speakers
    • DVD/CD Player
    • Digital Overhead Projector
    • Retractable 120″ Projection Screen
    • Theatre Lighting
    • Basic Scenic Elements (Door unit etc.)
    • Basic Set Elements (Furniture, Props)
  • General Classrooms

    NYCDA has classrooms in different configurations located throughout campus where a variety of classes take place such as voice-over, film screening of different genres, improvisation, sketch and stand-up comedy and in the foundation courses of film history, theater history and literary analysis.

  • Movement Studios

    The 640 sq. ft. studios provide ample room for classes in dance, combat for camera, Suzuki impulse movement and physical and vocal dynamics. Each room is equipped with an:

    • A/V Rack and Amplifier
    • Wall-Mounted Speakers
    • CD Player
    • iPod Dock
    • Supplemental Equipment (Floor mats, Blankets, etc.)
  • NYCDA Library

    The library contains a collection of 2222 print volumes and 200 digital media offerings of film and documentaries specific to the NYCDA curriculum, plus 1600 film, television, theater and commercial scripts. A librarian and student workers are on hand daily to support students in their research. The library provides:

    • Work Table and Chairs
    • Scanner/Copier/Printer
    • Small informal Reading Area
    • Study Carrels
    • Computers with Noise-cancelling Headsets
  • Student Lounge

    A sunny area on the third floor provides a space where students can meet, eat, take a break between classes and utilize a small computer lab if needed. The lounge offers:

    • Tables and Chairs
    • 3 Large Vending Machines
    • Microwaves
    • 4 Computers
    • Printer