The first challenge in becoming an actor is finding the right training. Following your dream takes courage and curiosity. You’ll need to be honest about your goals and prepare to do a lot of research. There are plenty of drama programs out there, and making decisions about the location in which you’d like to live, the areas of acting that interest you, and the style of training that appeals to you will help narrow the field.

Conservatory Training

The Conservatory Experience: The Practice of the Art

During your college search, you will undoubtedly be considering conservatory programs. The conservatory experience in most situations is different not only in name, but also structure. Conservatories emphasize practical performance training and experience. Students in a conservatory are focused on performing with academics supporting the performance curriculum. Academics in a conservatory often focus on the history or the literature or the culture of the performing art. Conservatories often boast a high level of alumni success within “the business”, as not only do students receive hands on training but also connections with working professionals that may give them an advantage in the industry.

Conservatories prepare students to compete for professional employment as actors.

The Experience

The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts offers an Associate’s degree in Film and TV Performance, a one-year Certificate in theater focused on acting for the stage, and a summer acting training program with an optional musical theater master class.

Our programs are dedicated to providing professional acting training that is practical, relevant, and rigorous. We’re located in the heart of New York City. New York is the place to be for Film, Television and Theater. Boasting about $9 billion a year in film and television production in addition to being the theater capitol of the world, the city is a global magnet for writers, directors, producers, and people in every facet of screen and stage production. We have a faculty of working professionals that bring the industry into the classroom. Our faculty provide ongoing support to students and alumni. Your success is our success!

Our Alumni

What do our alumni say about NYCDA?

“In this business, opportunities will come. You just have to be ready when they do. The training I received at NYCDA is the reason I’m always ready,” Mason Heidger, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

“NYCDA gave me a foundation to work from and an insight on the process of being an actor who works in Film and TV. You can feel things, and be given notes or adjustments like in theater, but at NYCDA being able to have all of that captured on-camera and having the luxury of watching and learning from your work onscreen is priceless. The conservatory helped me evolve my craft and gave me the tools necessary to be able to become a working actor,” Ryan Dorsey, appearing in FOX’s new drama Pitch.

“The program at NYCDA taught me to trust myself, my process, and my choices; to understand if I’m really listening and trusting my first instincts,” Ashleigh Murray, appearing in the CW’s new drama Riverdale.

Success Begins At NYCDA

Admission Requirements

The competition for admission to NYCDA’s acting programs is very intense, so it’s a good idea to start the process early. Admission is based on a number of factors depending on the program you are applying to. You can learn about the specific requirements by clicking on the program of interest below.