Federal Compliance

Federal Compliance and Supporting Documentation

Some students are required by the Federal government to verify financial information with the NYCDA Financial Aid Office before funds can be disbursed. For verification purposes, applicants may be asked to provide any or all of the items in the following list.


Verification is a process in which information on a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is reviewed by a school for accuracy and completeness. Each year, the Federal U.S. Department of Education selects certain applicants for verification. The verification process requires the Financial Aid Office to confirm the data supplied by the student and/or parent(s). Although NYCDA cannot determine who will be selected for verification each year, students should anticipate selection. If your FAFSA is selected for verification, immediately submit all requested documentation to our office for review. Failure to provide required documentation by stated deadlines may negatively impact your financial aid award package.

Proof of Independent Student Status:

If you claim independent status and your application is selected for verification, you will be informed of specific documentation that is required to support your claim.

Proof of Citizenship:

Some students may be required to document their citizenship status.

Selective Service:

Males born after July 1960 must register with Selective Service to receive financial aid. The Federal government may require financial aid applicants to verify their Selective Service registration.

Social Security Number:

The Federal government will confirm that the Social Security number on your FAFSA matches other data in their files. Students whose records do not match will be required to verify their Social Security number, date of birth, or legal name before aid can be disbursed. If you have changed your name, be sure to notify the Social Security Administration.

Proof of Military Service:

Students filing for aid based on veterans’ status may need to verify their dates of military service.

Documentation pertaining to Drug Convictions:

Students who are convicted of certain drug offenses may be ineligible for financial aid, or be required to provide proof of  court rulings or probation status.